Deposit Accounts


    The share saving account is your membership account, all members must maintain $25.00 in this account to be eligible for credit union services. We offer a variety of savings plans that can be put together to help meet your individual financial needs. All of our savings accounts pay competitive dividend yields, and are insured up to $250,000 by the National Credit Union Administration.


    Embarrass Vermillion Federal Credit Union offers a checking account that will fit your needs! We offer anywhere access to funds in your checking account with our MasterCard debit card as well as our Internet Account Access. In addition we offer members the opportunity to attach a line of credit to their checking account, which protects you from any unfortunate overdrafts (some restrictions do apply). Order checks by clicking here.

    At Embarrass Vermillion Federal Credit Union, our focus is always on our members, since each member is in part an owner of the Credit Union. As a member-owner of Embarrass Vermillion Federal Credit Union, you are eligible for a number of money-saving benefits, including excellent rates on insured savings, affordable loans, and a full spectrum of convenient services. Whatever financial goals you have in place, we have the products tailored to meet your specific needs.

  •   TEEN

    Our teen accounts help to educate our teen age members on the importance of good financial habits and what it means to be a credit union member. These accounts will open the conversation with parents and teens about responsibility. By opening your teen an account while they are still home you can teach them and Embarrass Vermillion FCU will be there to reinforce your message. We hope all our teen members will benefit from these services.

    Teen Checking Accounts

    Our teen checking accounts help you take a step towards financial independence by providing low-cost, flexible options. Teen checking accounts serve members age 13-18. If you're ready for an account, call the credit union and ask what services we offer. Once you know what features and benefits are available, talk with your parents. If you're younger than 18, you may have to have a parent listed on the account with you. But the account is still yours to spend and manage. 

    Teen Services

    Debit Cards
    Limited to $100 cash per day
    $500 in purchases per day
    Share Certificates with special interest rates and/or terms

    Junior Savers Club is designed for children up to age 13. Account features:

    • Requires only a $5.00 deposit to open.
    • The Junior Saver owns the account – (s)he authorizes all transactions into or out of the account.
    • Every deposit made earns a prize from the fun filled Clubhouse Chest.
    • Every $5 deposited earns a Bonus Buck. Exciting Deposit Level Prizes are available to be purchased with saved Bonus Bucks.
    • Every deposit made and every deposit level prize purchased qualifies the Junior Saver for one entry into the quarterly drawing.
    • Junior Savers will be specially recognized on their birthday.
    • During the EVFCU Annual Meeting, there will be a Junior Savers Clubhouse Party.
    • Various community activities will be offered during the year for Junior Savers to participate in.

    This fun account is specially designed to help our Junior Savers learn the importance of saving money and being financially responsible while having a lot of fun doing it! Stop in and speak to a Member Service Representative about opening a Junior Savers Club Account today! See you at The Clubhouse!


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    Avoid short-changing Santa or running up unwelcome yuletide credit card debt by opening a Holiday Club Account or Christmas Club Account. These accounts can help you save for the holidays all year round by regularly taking an amount you designate out of your share savings or your paycheck and depositing it to this interest earning account. The total amount accumulated in the account is mailed to you in the form of a check or can be transferred to any of your EVFCU accounts in early November each year.


    These accounts work like our Christmas Club account, but can be used to save for something specific like a vacations, an annual bill you save to pay, or just for fun. This account is particularly useful for seasonal employees. Put something away each payday to help while you are off work during those down times.

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